1. Eli Potter - Ollie up and over.

    Photo - Jablonski

    More images of kids skating in Grand Rapids here.

  2. currently writing a paper on Rodney Graham and his photographs of trees. The trees are upside down as a connection to our original sense of sight and to large format photography. maybe ill post some snippets of the paper later. Probably not.

  4. I recently had the opportunity to contribute work towards the first issue of Street Canoe and Disorder Publication. Huge thanks! Check em’ both out, they have killer content!




  5. I take photographs so I don’t have to articulate words to describe how I feel when I see what I do. My work is not a transparent vehicle for me to tell you something. It is a starting point for your visual interpretation and reaction to seeing what I once saw in my own perspective. Please feel free to experience it or not experience it however you would like.


  6. Jeff Wall rules.

  8. Blake Jablonski on background illumination.

  9. Auttiesh Danger - Bluntslide - closed out my time at the rainy night time session from last weekend.

  10. Casey Huizenga - quick tailslide in the rain!

  11. Mike Hoag - 5-0. Many more photos of Mike at www.blakejablonski.com

  14. Teddy Seeley- Smith Grind.